Royal Purple produces high-performance synthetic lubricants for industry, racing, automotive and consumer use.Ý Royal Purple's lubricants combine premium synthetic base oil with state-of-the-art proprietary Synerlec® additive to produce lubricants that outperform leading brands.

Royal Purple's family of gear oils include:

AGMA EP Gear Oils
• Synergy® ÝRoyal Purple's popular high performance EP gear oil, with Synslide®.
• Thermyl-Glyde® ÝSevere service gear and bearing oil. Recommended where heavy loads, shock loads, low operating speeds and / or high operating temperatures.

AGMA R & O Gear Oils
• Parafilm® ÝCompressor, pump, turbine and general plant lubricant, with Synerlec®.Ý
• Poly-Guard® FDA ÝHigh performance FDA / USDA H-1 oil, with Purolec®.
• Synfilm® ÝSynthetic air compressor and industrial oil, with Synerlec®. Synfilm® GT ÝMulti-purpose industrial oil, with Synerlec®. Recommended for use in gas and steam turbines, blowers and vacuum pumps, bearings, gears, air tools, etc.

AGMA Worm Gear Oils
• Synergy® Worm Gear Oil ÝHigh performance gear oil, with DynaGlyde®. Thermyl-Glyde® Worm Gear Oil. Recommended for use in very heavily loaded, slow speed and / or high temperature worm gear service.
•ThermaxÅ Semi Fluid Grease ÝSpecial purpose synthetic grease designed to lubricate gear boxes requiring the use of a semi-fluid grease and leaky gear boxes.

Open Gear Lubricant
• Open Gear Guard XP ÝDry film / EP lubricant, with Synslide®.
• ThermasilTM T-100 ÝMaximum load silica gel synthetic grease.
• Thermyl-Tuff® ÝMaximum load synthetic lubricant recommended for heavily loaded open gears, skid rails, bushings, couplings, bearings, cables, etc., or low speed bearings operating at high temperatures.