Every gear set has its own operating environment, performance requirements, and life cycle. At Nye, we believe it should also have its own grease: a quality synthetic grease designed to meet your specifications.

Companies that want a performance edge are fast turning to synthetic lubricants. Unlike petroleum, synthetic oils are manipulated at the molecular level to improve lubrication characteristics. Assuming similar operating environments and oil viscosities, synthetics offer better thermooxidative stability, wider operating temperatures, better film strength, and higher “viscosity indices,” that is, the viscosity of the base oil remains more constant as temperatures change. In general, a synthetic lubricant will last three to five times longer than a petroleum product of equal viscosity. And because there is less evaporative loss, you use less synthetic lubricant per part.

Nye designs synthetic lubricants for a broad range gears, including spur, helical, worm, spiral bevel, and hypoid. Our overall design goal is maximum power transfer with minimal noise and heat generation. From there, we focus on the specific requirements of your application. We design lubricants for extreme temperatures, low vapor-pressure environments, food-related applications, high-loads, and flea-power devices. We have radiation-resistant lubricants; plastic-compatible lubricants; water, salt-water, chemical, and oxygen-resistant lubricants; and lubricants that control noise, coasting, and backlash. Plus, Nye delivers the engineering, testing, and R&D services that ensure you get the best lubricant for your application.

Find out more about Nye – and a custom-designed synthetic grease that “knows” how you want your product to perform. Log on to www.nyelubricants.com, email us at techhelp@nyelubricants.com, or call 1.508.996.6721. You’ll quickly discover why Nye Lubricants is known as The SmartGrease Company.

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