Nachi America is the sole authorized U.S. distributor for Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation, one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of anti-friction bearings, precision cutting tools, hydraulic equipment and high speed steel.

Nachi America is proud to deliver products manufactured to the highest possible standards and maintains an ongoing commitment to Incredible QualityTM in everything we do.

How can a manufacturing company ensure the quality of its products when it can’t control the quality of the raw materials, components and workmanship of its suppliers?

At Nachi, we have the answer: vertical integration. We are not dependent on outside vendors for the quality of our work. Nachi’s products are made in our own plants, on our own specially engineered machine tools, using our own tooling. We even make our own steel and heat treat it in furnaces of our own manufacture.

What this means is that we control every facet of the manufacturing process. Quality builds on quality, every step of the way – and we ensure that quality by maintaining rigorous standards that are continuously monitored and continually improved.

Accountability for quality begins and ends with us. Our customers can trust Nachi products because our reputation is always on the line.

At Nachi we devote significant energy to making sure our products are the very best they can be. That is not, however, the only area at which we excel.

We understand that great products without great support complete only half the job.

Nachi provides the application assistance needed to make sure our customers get the right solutions for every application. We are committed to ensuring that our products are in stock and available when needed. We work hard to address concerns about performance and service, responding with speed, efficiency and expertise.

The bottom line is, at Nachi we bring the same level of quality to serving the needs of our customers that we bring to the design and manufacture of the products we provide. Incredible QualityTM in everything we do. That’s the Nachi commitment.


When quality is an issue, choosing a manufacturer who makes the best products in the industry is paramount.

This is the philosophy we adopted long ago at Nachi America. It is why we are driven to perform at the very highest levels of service excellence. Our parent company was awarded the Deming Prize, industry’s most prestigious award for quality in manufacturing, and has recently received QS-9000 certification as well.

Our overall quality is not the result of trying to be the best, but committing to it. Incredible QualityTM in products, in service, in the relationships we build with our customers. This is the Nachi way. It is simply what we do.

The quality systems of this facility have been Registered by UL to the ISO 9000 Series Standards.

  • Broaching Machines
    Blind Spline
    Vertical Work Transfer
  • Broach Sharpening Machines
  • Shaving Machines
  • Gear Grinding Machines
  • Roll Forming Machines
  • Hobbing Machines
  • Roll Finishing Machines
  • Honing Machines
  • Gear Inspection Machines