Hydra-Lock Corporation, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, originated, developed, and patented the concept of hydraulically expanding arbors and chucks. Although Hydra-Lock has licensed other companies to build certain patented items, today we are the ONLY MANUFACTURER who produces all three classes of this sophisticated, precision work-holding device.

Hydra-Lock arbors and chucks are designed to facilitate all types of precision gear processing. We have the ability to hold and precision locate on the pitch diameter of all types of spline and gear forms. Improve quality and cut costs by using super-accurate Hydra-Lock arbors and chucks to hold parts and tools used in hobbing, shaping, shaving, grinding and inspection operations.

Fifty years of continuous research and development have resulted in Hydra-Lock’s unmatched expertise in the production of sophisticated, precision workholding devices. Our engineers welcome “specials”, particularly the most demanding, which provide a motivating challenge for us!

Hydra-Lock’s full line of products include arbors/chucks for grinding, turning/gaging, balancing, drilling, reaming, honing, milling & boring. Newly developed arbors/chucks for maximum expansions & contractions with movements up to .250″ or greater. Ideal for rough castings, cylinder liners, for machining I.D. & O.D. bores. Tool holders for gun drilling, boring & reaming, step drills. Precision balanced custom tool holders for machining speeds up to 40,000 RPM & CNC machines. Precision gages. Zero deflection jacks for precision work supports. Arbors/chucks for holding out-of-round parts in distortion-free state while grinding/turning/boring or gaging. Custom rotary bushings. Fixtures for missile systems. Hydra-Lock quick change system for special tool & fixture change-over in seconds. Complete CAD/CAM capabilities.

If You Can Machine It, Hydra-Lock Can Hold It!