Euro-Tech Corporation is the exclusive North American distributor of unique tooling and workholding products including Mytec Hydraclamp Hydraulic Expansion Arbors and Chucks, Frenco Spline Gages, Kostyrka Clamping Sleeves, Knäbel Measuring Systems and Mesas Tetra Bluetooth Wireless Data Transfer. We also manufacture—and distribute internationally—the PG 1000 Cutting Tool Inspection System and the Pinhead Flexible Fixturing System for CMMS.
MyTec Hydraclamp expansion elements are the optimal connecting link between workpiece and machine. Using special hydraulic expansion elements, a clamping system has been developed that far surpasses all traditional clamping in precision, clamping force and in transferred torque. State-of-the-art technology, precise construction and special materials are the basis for extraordinary performance for lathing, hobbing, grinding, testing and measuring. Let Mytec Hydraclamp be your complete solution whenever workpiece and tool clamping are required.
Established in 1978, Frenco is a leading system supplier and specialist in the complex field of process integrated quality assurance of gears and splines. Products include master gears and wheels; setting masters and profiled clamping systems plus instruments for size production including measuring pins and ball inserts; indicating gages including rocking type; face stop and profiled guiding body and special indicating gages; and the Universal Rotation Measurement System or URM. 
State-of-the-art checking processes play a central role at Kostyrka. The result is top clamping technology designed for a maximum service life used for both standard requirements and customized solutions. All Kostyrka products are designed to exceed the life cycle of the machines they’re installed in ensuring years of smooth operations. Manufactured for tolerance up to 3 decimal places, every part is put to the acid test via an individual part inspection. All important geometrical characteristics of the clamping elements are checked via a 3-D inspection machine and recorded in a test certificate. A microscope is used to check for any burrs or chips and a cast iron leak test makes sure a part can withstand pressures up to 600 bar. No one wants to disassemble and reassemble a 2500 ton press overnight for repairs. With the the Kostyrka Clamping Sleeve you can install it and forget it.
Improve tool life and meet today’s demand of decreasing tolerances with Knäbel Measuring Systems for cylinder heads in the production area. The Knäbel VSM sets on the valve seat and rotates 360°. In one motion the valve seat and upper diameter of the valve guide bore are scanned; roundness and concentricity is evaluated by a MIN-MAX comparison. All during a 4 second cycle time! The Knäbel Slidescan is a universal gage that enables the measurement of several seats within a large range of different gage line diameters, for example between 24mm and 34mm. Cycle time is approximately 4 seconds! 
Mesas Tetra Bluetooth offers the wireless transmission of measuring data from gage to computer.
The state-of-the-art PG 1000 Cutting Tool Inspection System and the Pinhead Flexible Fixturing System for CMMS are manufactured at our home facility in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA.