For quieter running gears, look to Dura-Bar continuous cast iron bar stock as the material of choice. Dura-Bar gray and ductile iron performs like free-machining steel, but with superior noise and vibration damping characteristics that make for quieter operation.

Dura-Bar is available in a variety of grades with tensile strengths ranging from 20,000 psi in ferritic gray irons to 230,000 psi in austempered ductile irons.

Unlike traditional casting, Dura-Bar’s continuous casting process produces a uniform material free of shrinkage, porosity, and tool-wearing inclusions. Moreover, Dura-Bar’s Quality First program ensures that every bar produced falls within tight quality specifications.

Dura-Bar’s fine-grained microstructure and consistent quality permit machining at speeds comparable to those with free-machining steel — with only minimal retooling needed for gear manufacturers already set up to run steel bar stock.

Dura-Bar is North America’s only producer of continuous cast iron bar stock, and the largest producer in the world. We maintain an extensive inventory of bars in diameters ranging from 5/8″ to 20″ and lengths from 6′ to 20′, available on a just-in-time delivery basis. Bars can also be manufactured to your special dimensional or iron alloy needs. Dura-Bar has a nationwide network of distributors – contact us for more information.

Dura-Bar is a division of Wells Manufacturing Company of Woodstock, Illinois. As such, Dura-Bar customers have access to Wells’ Duro-Life Corporation subsidiary which specializes in production machining of cast iron gear blanks for gear manufacturers and OEMs. The special machining techniques and tooling developed by Duro-Life provide a distinct edge in consistently achieving the tight tolerances, surfaces finishes, and quality control that gear manufacturers and OEMs demand.