Since 1954, Clarke Engineering, Inc. has been a leader in Southern California in the production of gears for aerospace and commercial applications. The company has been awarded the Outstanding Supplier Service Award by a major aerospace manufacturer. Clarke Engineering is a world class leader in the machining, assembly and testing of aerospace and commercial gears. To maintain our world class status, we pledge ourselves to the following:


  • Commitment to Our Customers: To continuously improve our products and services beyond the expectations of our customer and provide cost effective solutions to their applications and needs.
  • Commitment to Our Employees: Clarke Engineering is committed to the empowerment and ongoing development of our employees because we recognize that every employee plays a vital role in our continued success and prosperity.
  • Process Integrity: To maintain, develop, and improve manufacturing systems that consistently add value and produce defect free products through the application of Total Quality Management and Statistical Process Control.
  • Supplier Relationship: To develop mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers and to see each supplier as an extension of Clarke Engineering.