ith over 45 years experience in the sales, service, design, and manufacturing industries, Banyan Global Technologies is a worldwide solutions provider for the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Alternative Energy fields.Using only the finest manufacturing processes and industry leading design practices, we continue to grow through strategic partnerships with Fortune 100 customers and Best-in-Class suppliers.

Our Products

Banyan Global Technologies offers a wide array of products and services with a focus on custom-engineered solutions for the metal removal industries. With a specialization in the gear manufacturing market, BGT has over 45 years of collective experience in the design, manufacture, and implementation of our cutting tools and work holding featuring. Contact us today for more information on the products and services found below, and see if Banyan Global can help solve your problem or improve your manufacturing processes.

Indexable Gear and Spline Milling Cutters

All of our gear and other milling products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. using American sourced materials and labor – we pride ourselves on supporting our country and its workers! All design and engineering is done in-house by our expert technical staff, who also supply application speeds and feeds for each design to optimize the productivity of our cutters. Special care is taken to properly select appropriate flute sizing, rake angles, and insert layout to meet the requirements of our customers. Each design is customized depending on whether productivity, form accuracy, or profile quality and surface finish are a priority. Great effort and expense goes into reviewing all cutter designs to ensure proper chip evacuation and control to maximize insert life and productivity. Involute profiles for AGMA, DIN, JIS, and other specifications are available for cutters from 1 to 40 module.

Gear Chamfering

The Banyan Global Technologies Gear Chamfering Robot (GCR) is the newest generation of machines developed to deburr, chamfer, or radius the edges of large wind energy slew bearing ring gears. Conventional chamfering machines occupy significant dedicated floor space and require that the large, heavy ring gears be moved onto the machine bed for the deburring operation. Not only is this dangerous and time consuming, but it requires a skilled operator to “dial in” the gear position on the rotary table.

Standard Requirements for Operation (other configurations available): All Power, Air, and Communications should be supplied via an overhead tether system proximate to the center point of the gear when possible. Tether system and OSHA required lock-out/tag-outs for power and air are not included and are to be provided by the customer as required.  Power: 208VAC 2-Phase “Y” (must have neutral and earth ground; i.e. 4 conductor plus earth ground) – 20 Amp service required. Machine is equipped with a NEMA L21-20 male receptacle for power.  Air: 90 PSI minimum clean and lubricated compressed air. No Filter/Regulator/Lubricator is provided on-board the unit, and must be supplied by the customer. Machine is equipped with a 1/4″ industrial style male plug for compressed air (1/8″ NPT connection).  Communications: Standard communications to the machine include both wired and wireless Ethernet access. Wired access is via a standard RJ45 Female Ethernet (10/100) port on-board the machine. Wireless access is via on-board wireless router, and must be enabled for remote service, status, diagnostics, and warranty issues.