The Global Leader in PVD Coating Technology

Balzers is the world leader in wear-resistant coatings for tools, dies and precision components. Coating centers operate in North and South America, Europe and Asia, offering contract coating services and equipment to customers in various industry sectors.

Balzers has been developing physical vapor deposition and associated technologies for production of very hard and lubricant coatings that protect tools and components under the most severe wear environments. Under the trade name BALINIT® Balzers has pioneered the industrial applications of PVD coatings in various market segments since the early 1980's.

With BALINIT® coatings significant gains in performance and productivity are achievable in tools for metal cutting, blanking, forming and die casting, and plastics processing. Coated precision components installed in machinery such as gears, valves and pistons function longer and more reliably. For example, one arena where coated components have been persistently test proven is in Formula 1 race cars.

Today, Balzers owns and operates 50 coating centers worldwide. New plants are continually being added, both to develop new markets and reinforce Balzers' presence in existing ones. Licensees in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, as well as many large firms use Balzers' systems to apply wear protection coatings to their products. Every second, around the clock and around the world, parts are being coated with BALINIT®.

The vacuum techniques devised by Balzers to yield high performance coatings are also environmentally safer than other surface treatments such as CVD coating, galvanizing and nitriding. BALINIT® coated tools impose less of a burden on the environment since coolant use (and disposal), associated with high costs and health risks, can be reduced or eliminated. BALINIT® coated precision components impose less of a problem as technological advances enable new designs that assist in the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions in automotive applications.

A key factor in the initial and continuing success of BALINIT® coatings has been collaboration with customers. Development is always kept in line with real world needs and customer requirements are transformed into genuinely useful services. An outstanding support concept, customer seminars and training courses, and a worldwide network of certified production plants keep Balzers accessible to its customers.

Balzers' Mission

We are the global market leader in plasma-based coating of tools and highly loaded precision components. We offer coating service, coating equipment and turnkey production lines.

We offer to our customers superior technological and economic solutions. Therefore, we constantly improve our core competencies (coating technology, equipment and coating service).

We strive for business excellence to best fulfill the requirements of our customers, employees and shareholders.