300 Below/CryoTech is the founder of commercial cryogenic processing since 1966.

300 Below/Cryo-Tech, the Nation's oldest, largest, and most experienced Commercial Cryogenic Processing Company, was founded in 1966 by the late Edward Busch, the Father of Commercial Cryogenic Processing. Busch discovered that many metals can be made more durable, more abrasion-resistant, less apt to crack or break, and longer-lasting when properly Cryogenically Treated at minus 300 degrees (F). Cryogenic Treatment is a "one time", "through treatment" that, unlike coatings, it improves the wear resistance properties throughout the whole cross section of the part . These improvements can result in cutting tools maintaining their cutting edge longer, extending run time (production) and reducing downtime. Other improvements can be an increase in tensile strength, toughness, and stability with the reduction of internal stresses. More production can result using Cryogenically-Treated tooling with less change outs and less tooling purchases required. Cryogenic Processing (or Treatment), is a one-time irreversible process, so Cryogenically-Treated tooling never has to be retreated. Deep Cryogenic Tempering normally increases the life of parts by 50-400%, and Cryogenically Treated tooling that shows a tripling of run-time before sharpening, will normally also experience a tripling of run-time each time the tooling is sharpened. Although the majority of tooling treated by 300 Below/Cryo-Tech is new, used tooling can also be successfully treated.

300 Below/Cryo-Tech cryogenically treats over a million pounds annually as well as sells its computer-controlled cryogenic processors around the world. They are responsible for helping establish 150 cryogenic processing operations worldwide.

Cryogenic Treatment of tooling is a major portion of 300 Below's business, but many other areas also receive the Cryogenic advantage. Pumps and other components; in motorsports nearly all engine, transmission, and rear-end parts, as well as axles, brake rotors and drums, turbochargers and superchargers, and suspension parts being successfully treated; competition shooting and hunting applications, as Cryogenically Treated barrels shoot straighter, clean more easily, and last longer; sports, as aluminum softball bats last far longer before denting and golf clubs perform better; musical instruments, as treated horns reach notes more easily; and 300 Below is constantly testing and evaluating new applications.