Walter’s extremely hard grooving grade protects against wear

Tiger·tec® Gold grade WSM33G for grooving from Walter— SX insert, left, and DX insert. (Courtesy: Walter)

New indexable inserts from Walter, made of Tiger·tec® Gold grade WSM33G, were specifically developed to handle the high cutting forces that occur when grooving. The grade combines third-generation titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) and titanium silicon nitride (TiSiN) to form a multi-layer coating with exceptional hardness and enhanced toughness.

The result is a coating structure that protects against face wear (friction), crater wear, and plastic deformation (temperature) to provide high process reliability and extended tool life. A special surface post-treatment process creates a smooth rake face to optimize chip evacuation and reduce friction while improving toughness. In addition, the gold-colored TiSiN top layer makes it easy for users to detect wear.

The SX inserts have a single cutting edge with positive engagement and a self-clamping system. The chip breaker geometries are CE4, CF5, CF6, SF5, and UF4. The SX inserts are for G2xxx tool series.

The double-edged DX18 inserts are supported in three directions (base, top, and the back of the insert pocket) that ensures positive engagement in the insert seat. The chip breaker geometries for the DX18 are CE4, CF5, CF6, GD6, GD3, UD4, UF4, UF7, and RD4. The DX18 inserts are for G4xxx tool series.

The universal grade inserts can be used for approximately 75 percent of all applications, including radial grooving and parting off, groove turning, profiling, copy turning, and slot milling. The primary applications are for machining stainless steel, heat-resistant super alloys and steel (ISO M, S and P workpiece groups).

For users, the fact that this grade can be used with both tool types (SX and DX) equates to maximum versatility because all insert widths from 1.0 to 10 mm (0.039-0.394 in.) are covered. The universal application even under difficult conditions and multi-layer Tiger·tec Gold PVD coating make the WSM33G grooving inserts an incredibly productive and reliable choice.

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