Sandvik Expands Sustainable Manufacturing Program


Sandvik Coromant announces the expansion of its service offer to include a new concept supporting sustainable manufacturing. The company currently supports customers with advanced machining techniques and tools to help decrease machine tool power consumption during metal cutting.

The program was originally developed in an effort to help Japanese-based companies reduce their electricity consumption by 15 percent in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and the insufficient availability of electrical power that resulted. The program is a three-pronged approach toward energy reduction through the use of Sandvik Coromant’s advanced cutting tool technology, its application techniques, and productivity increases. Example of electricity saving cutting tools:

• Using milling cutters such as the CoroMill 390 and CoroMill 490 can decrease electricity consumption by 20 percent compared to conventional positive 90-degree cutters.
• Example of electricity saving applications: by applying high pressure coolant to existing operations, companies can solve the problem of unmanageable chip curls, resulting in reduced non-productive machine down time and less need for electricity.
• Example of electricity saving by increasing productivity: by applying Wiper inserts to existing tools, the time in cut is shortened by up to 50 percent and the consumption of electricity is decreased, compared with using standard ISO inserts.

Sandvik Coromant is a world-leading supplier of cutting tools and tooling systems for the metalworking industry and is represented in 130 countries. Twenty five state of the art Productivity Centers located around the world provide customers and staff with continuous training in tooling solutions and methods to increase productivity. Sandvik Coromant is part of the tooling business area of the Sandvik Group. Learn more at [].