New standard Ceratizit insert grades optimize steel turning

New insert grades from Ceratizit are engineered for increased productivity. (Courtesy: Ceratizit)

With common steel turning operations in mind, Ceratizit has introduced three new standard coated-carbide ISO-P steel insert grades that provide up to 20 percent longer tool life when compared to previous generation grades. The new inserts are highly engineered for increased productivity and feature advanced substrates, geometries, and Ceratizit’s innovative Dragonskin multi-layer coating for lower heat and less tool wear.

To prevent insert waste and easily detect wear, the gold-colored TiN outer layer of the Dragonskin multilayer CVD Ti(C,N)/Al2O3/TiN coating acts as an indicator. It not only enables users to clearly identify insert wear and index before a breakage, but also prevents sharp cutting edges from going unused and the insert being inadvertently discarded. Plus, a mechanical post-coating treatment produces beneficial residual stress in the coating that results in increased process security, especially important in the large-volume production situations typically associated with turning ISO-P steels.

Each of the three grades is engineered for optimizing specific production scenarios. The CTCP115-P (ISO P15) grade has enhanced resistance to high temperatures and is ideal for use at higher cutting speeds in smooth, continuous cuts in stable cutting conditions. The CTCP125-P (ISO P25) universal steel-cutting grade balances toughness and wear resistance to provide consistent reliability in turning operations ranging from finishing to rough machining, while the CTC135-P (ISO P35) is a tough carbide grade for lower cutting speeds, interrupted cuts, and unstable machining conditions.

A new UP2Date product brochure from Ceratizit provides additional details about the new grades as well as information about a variety of other productivity-boosting metalcutting tooling and accessories.