New features highlight newly released KISSsoft 2022

KISSsoft Release 2022 became available in June. (Courtesy: KISSsoft)

The new KISSsoft release 2022 was made available June 21, providing numerous innovations.

Among the innovations:

• In order to include the tooth fatigue limit in the verification, the information can be generated from time series.

• The determination of load spectra from time series (torque-speed-time) is now an independent module (“Load spectra”), which can be used to calculate load spectra for gears and for shafts/bearings. In addition to detailed reports, many graphics are now available for displaying the results.

• Positive and negative torques result in alternating load in the tooth root. The Rainflow method is used to determine the number of cycles with a shift from high to low torque. Based on this, the alternating bending factor YM, according to ISO 6336-3 (extended), is determined additionally for the load spectrum in the gear calculation of each element.

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