Michigan Metrology offers roughness, texture, and tribology workshop

Dr. Donald Cohen of Michigan Metrology is presenting a surface roughness, texture and friction online class, May 3–5, 2023, covering fundamental topics in surface texture, roughness, wear, finish, and friction. (Courtesy: Michigan Metrology)

Registration is now open for the Roughness, Texture, and Tribology class and workshop, which will be held in Livonia, Michigan, May 3–5. 2023.

This class offers a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of surface roughness, friction, and wear, as well as the application of surface texture analysis in industry and research.

“This class is intended to help students to use surface roughness analysis in their workplaces,” said Don Cohen, Ph.D., who presents the course. “Live lectures and hands-on training with measurement equipment give our students a chance to ask questions and really learn what matters for their particular jobs.”

The class offers a deep dive into topics including:

  • Measuring roughness and
  • Instruments for surface
  • Filtering texture data for the
  • Data analysis techniques and
  • Surface texture
  • Specifying surface
  • Applying surface texture analysis to wear, sealing, and other
  • Surface energy, adhesion, and texture, paint
  • Mechanics of dry friction and rolling
  • Fundamentals of
  • Surface metrology

The 2 1/2-day class will be presented live, in accordance with CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We have been refining and expanding this class for nearly 20 years,” said Cohen. “It’s the most thorough and affordable opportunity we know to learn and apply the fundamentals of surface texture analysis.”

MORE INFO  www.michmet.com/classes