Krebs & Riedel offers innovative grinding technology since 1895

Krebs & Riedel offers solutions from continuous generating grinding to single-profile grinding, and bevel gear grinding to power honing applications. (Courtesy: Krebs & Riedel)

The cornerstone of the Krebs & Riedel grinding wheel factory in Bad Karlshafen was laid some 125 years ago. Today, the family-owned company operates worldwide as a manufacturer of individually manufactured precision grinding wheels and innovation and solution-oriented application technology advice. Customers from the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, and wind power sectors rely upon the high-precision products manufactured by Krebs & Riedel. In addition to conventional grinding wheels, cutting wheels, cup grinding wheels, and grinding segments with ceramic and synthetic resin bonds, Krebs & Riedel also manufactures CBN and diamond tools with ceramic bonds, as well as honing rings.

At Krebs & Riedel, high-quality products are created with special quality standards and maximum safety. Krebs & Riedel is a member of the VDS (Verband Deutscher Schleifmittelwerke e.V.). As a founding member of the oSa (organization for the safety of abrasives), safety comes first. The production program includes corundum and silicon carbide wheels with a ceramic bond and synthetic resin bond for most industrial grinding applications up to 900 mm outside diameter for round, flat, tool, centerless, gear, and rough grinding applications. Products include cut-off wheels in synthetic resin bond with and without fiber reinforcement up to 800 mm outside diameter for chop cut, pendulum cutting, and rotary cutting; roughing and pendulum grinding with and without fiber reinforcement for the cleaning shop and the foundry industry; grinding wheels for pendulum grinding machines, grinding wheels for bench grinders, and grinding wheels for grinding manipulators; and diamond and CBN grinding media in vitrified bond with a working speed of up to 200 m/s for internal, flat, circular, tool grinding, and special grinding processes.

Krebs & Riedel is a specialist in the field of gear applications and supplies top gear manufacturers around the globe. These grinding wheels are used on many gear-grinding machines, including those from the manufacturers Gleason, Kapp-Niles, Klingelnberg, Liebherr, Mitsubishi, Reishauer, and Samputensili.

Krebs & Riedel’s experience ranges from grinding the smallest gears in the field of medical technology to large planetary gears in wind turbines. From continuous generating grinding to single profile grinding, and bevel gear grinding to power honing, it also offers customized grinding solutions to increase productivity, improve tool life, or optimize surface finishes.

The company produces a wide range of dressable grinding worms with a ceramic bond for customers’ gear machining. All specifications guarantee the highest profile accuracy with the lowest thermal loads on the workpieces. The combination of Krebs & Riedel grinding worms with fine-grain or polishing worms creates powerful tools that enable grinding and polishing in one application.

Krebs & Riedel offers a carrier variant for CBN and diamond abrasives. The proportion of carbon fiber guarantees maximum strength with the lowest weight. The body is up to 75 percent lighter than a comparable steel body. In addition to easy handling during assembly, it runs quite smoothly. This means that the load on the grinding spindle is lower. With the new CBN worm grinding wheels, an increase in productivity can be achieved through increased stock removal with an improved service life. The working speeds are up to 100 m/s. Depending on the composition, higher working speeds can also be achieved.