KISSsoft introduces Sketcher for designing complex systems

Engineers can use a mouse instead of a pencil to draw complex schematics using KISSdesign® Sketcher from KISSsoft®. (Courtesy: KISSsoft)

KISSdesign® Sketcher is as fast as sketching on a napkin. Engineers know how to quickly create a sketch of a gearbox or transmission using a few lines. Using maybe black for shafts, green for bearings, blue for gears, and red to indicate the power flow. They do this to remember a great idea, communicate with customers, or to pass time waiting at an airport.

KISSsoft® emulates this approach in a much more orderly fashion. Using only the mouse, complex schematics can be drawn and edited, thereby converting the structure of a gearbox into a logical and 3D model. The schematic in the Sketcher also serves as a navigation and visualization tool and is complemented by an overview of some of the key data (e.g. module and number of teeth) of the components making up the gearbox.

Training courses in KISSdesign are available. Sign up at the company website.