Hollow Shaft Gearmotors from Bodine


Bodine Electric has developed a new selection of hollow shaft right angle AC, DC, and BLDC gearmotors. The hollow shaft designs optimize mountings, saving on assembly labor and reducing the number of component parts. Today engineers face mounting pressure to decrease size, component count, assembly time, and costs. The hollow shaft gearmotor offers the solution in a wide variety of applications including conveyors, printing and packaging machinery, and medical equipment.

The gearmotor’s hollow output shaft can be connected directly to the driven load. This interface eliminates expensive shaft couplings, and mounting hardware that can be unsafe, bulky, and can present alignment issues. Eliminating maintenance inherent with chains and sprockets is an added bonus. Hollow shaft gearmotor solutions include left- or right-hand face or flange mounts, based on individual requirements. With continuous output torques from 5.2 to 575 lb-in. and gear ratios from 5:1 to 3600:1, Bodine hollow shaft right angle gearmotors offer output speeds from less than 1 rpm to over 500 rpm. The hollow bore size depends on the gearmotor used, but is typically from 1/2" to 1".

Bodine Electric Company is celebrating its 100th anniversary of manufacturing fractional horsepower electric motors in 2005. Still family owned, Bodine is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and offers a wide range of more than 850 stock motors and gearmotors worldwide, including AC, DC, and Brushless DC. Each drive is complemented by system-matched Bodine motion controls. Bodine also offers built-to-order services with engineering support for concurrent product development. All items are available from a strategically located network of Bodine MotionPRO sales representatives and authorized distributors worldwide.

For more information, call Bodine Electric Company at (773) 478-3515 or (800) 7BODINE. Send e-mail to info@bodine-electric.com, or go online to [www.bodine-electric.com].