Growing Atlanta Gear Works launches new website, brochure

Atlanta Gear Works has a new brochure that emphasizes service as a large part of its offerings. (Courtesy: Atlanta Gear Works)

Atlanta Gear Works, a full-service gearbox engineering, manufacturing, and repair company, has launched a new website and brochure to accommodate its growth.

Since its founding in 1988, the company has grown by serving leading manufacturers with innovative power-transmission solutions, high-quality products, and responsive service for its process-critical rotating equipment. Recent growth has caused an expansion of services and plant, with a 10,000-square-foot expansion planned.

“We’ve grown because we’re not just a gearbox manufacturing and repair company. We’re also a service company, and our new website and brochure do a better job of explaining that to our customers,” said Craig Massa, Atlanta Gear Works VP-sales.

Atlanta Gear Works offers a range of services including gearbox repair, custom gearbox engineering and manufacturing, custom gearing, in-stock PIV parts and units, and field machining and services, all backed by 24/7 service and support.

“Our commitment to customers is to do whatever it takes to prevent and minimize their downtime,” said Atlanta Gear Works President Jack Conway. “We’ll repair any make, any model, anywhere, anytime.”

As part of its commitment, AGW has also greatly expanded its field services.

“We can save customers days of downtime by doing troubleshooting and repairs on their site,” said Conway.

Atlanta Gear Works field services include gearbox inspection and repair and a wide range of field machining, including line boring, hydraulic drilling and boring, and journal turning and repair. Available around the clock, its field services crews have been known to work overnight to get a customer up and running.