Gleason is Proud to Announce its New LeCount Type-G Expanding Mandrel


Gleason Corporation, the worldwide leader in gear technology, is proud to announce an expansion in the LeCount® expanding mandrel line with the new Type “G” expanding mandrel. Based on Gleason’s highly successful line of inspection mandrels, the new Type G twist mandrel is bringing LeCount performance to a wider range of applications, particularly OD and face grinding operations where parts have a smooth bore and non-gear grinding process applications such as cylindrical grinding.

The new LeCount Type G twist mandel features a unique sliding–jaw design with a mechanical rotary mechanism for clamping the workpiece. It provides 0.0050mm (0.0002 in) TIR accuracy, tremendous holding power torsionally and axially, and wide expansion range to accommodate bore sizes from 25.40mm (1in) to 76.20mm (3in).

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