GDF SUEZ Energy Resources Helps Streamline Lufkin Industries


GDF SUEZ Energy Resources announces the completion of an energy efficiency and sustainability project at Lufkin Industries that will reduce the manufacturer’s annual energy consumption by nearly 18 percent and decrease annual CO2 emissions by more than 16 million pounds. The initiative underscores GDF SUEZ Energy Resources’ commitment to helping companies find responsible solutions to environmental challenges. It was conducted in cooperation with American Energy Solutions and included a sizable lighting retrofit implementation at five locations of Lufkin Industries, a supplier of oilfield and power transmission products.

High-efficiency custom fluorescent fixtures—many including integrated occupancy controls to turn lights off when spaces are unoccupied—were installed in the company’s corporate office, its Buck Creek location, foundry, gear repair facility, and power transmission site. With the new system, Lufkin Industries is projected to save more than $800,000 annually. It also will reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to taking 2,022 passenger cars off the road for a full year. The new system will lower energy use for lighting by nearly 60 percent, or 11,938,207 kWh; a number so significant that Lufkin Industries qualified for two rebate programs, as well as federal tax incentives.

“It’s clear that Lufkin Industries shares GDF SUEZ Energy Resources’ commitment to efficiency and environmental stewardship,” according to Ritchie Priddy, director of sustainability at GDF SUEZ Energy Resources. “Lufkin’s efforts to go beyond cost-cutting measures to implement a more eco-friendly energy management strategy signal a new standard for manufacturing plants throughout the nation.”

Steve Reynolds, foundry general manager at Lufkin Industries, says that the project reinforces the company’s dedication to identifying improvement opportunities that are right for the business and right for the environment. “GDF SUEZ Energy Resources and American Energy Solutions are leaders in helping companies improve profitability through sustainability,” he says. “They conducted an extensive audit, identified the best opportunity for our business, and completed a lighting upgrade turnkey. It was ultimately a huge success.” For more information visit [], [], and [].