Automatic coolant delivery system boosts CNC production

FullShop™ Automated Coolant Delivery System by 168 Manufacturing delivers properly mixed coolant to multiple CNC machines without human intervention. (Courtesy: 168 Manufacturing)

168 Manufacturing, which designs and develops practical automation technologies for CNC machine shops, has released its FullShop™ Automated Coolant Delivery System, which delivers properly mixed coolant to multiple CNC machines without human intervention.

The FullShop system monitors coolant usage at the machine tool sump and automatically replenishes the coolant before it runs low to keep the spindles spinning around the clock. This easy-to-install turnkey system consists of a centralized pumping station, controller, distribution manifolds, and a small sensor that drops into any machine tool sump to report level and temperature.

With its compact footprint and modular design, a single FullShop system automates shops with up to 120 CNC machines and could deliver up to 5,760 gallons of coolant a day. It also enables lights-out manufacturing, allowing machine shop owners to run high-volume jobs unattended overnight.

Features and benefits of the FullShop system include:

  • Per machine concentrations with closed-loop flowmeter assurance.
  • Internet-enabled features like email alarm notification, data reporting, remote operations, and teleservice.
  • Advanced HMI for added insight into your operation.
  • Modularity, allowing a single coolant system to handle up to 120 CNC machines.
  • Rugged design intended for years of service—improving throughput and profitability.
  • Small footprint: 50 x 60 inches.
  • Remote distribution nodes for clean installation.
  • Optional defoamer dosing functionality.