ANCA’s evolution of the successful RX7 CNC tool and cutter grinder


ANCA’s latest evolution of the successful RX7 CNC tool and cutter grinder, the RX7SP, is specifically designed for grinding cutting tools with diameters down to 0.5 mm. The RX7SP is the product of an extensive R&D program conducted to resolve several challenges related to grinding small tools and will provide users the ability to expand their manufacturing and produce cutting tools for medical machining and other micro applications.

“There are aspects that make grinding small tools a real challenge,” according to an ANCA spokesman. “Machine accuracy is obviously critical, but in addition, grinding process issues of vibration, thermal growth, wheel wear and tool runout have a much more noticeable effect when grinding small tools. ANCA’s engineering team developed solutions to each problem that combine to produce excellent finished tools.”

New features added to the RX7 base to make-up the SP model include:

• Linear scales for extreme positioning accuracy of machine axes
• 3.5 kW HSK spindle that gives both face and taper contact on the arbor for improved wheel runout and positional accuracy
• ANCA’s Balance software to accurately balance the grinding wheels without taking them off the machine
• Precision V-block clamp and steady as standard to minimize tool runout
• ANCA’s PLX pallet loader for increased productivity through unattended operation
• CTV software cycles to compensate for thermal expansion.

ANCA was founded in 1974 to design and manufacture high technology computer numerical controls (CNCs) for the machine tool and metal-based industries. Today ANCA has become a leading designer and manufacturer of complete, high precision CNC grinding machines and exports more than 98 percent of products to customers around the world. ANCA is today an international organization of more than 350 employees. Offices are located in major cities in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia; with dealerships represented in over 25 countries.

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