ALD-Holcroft Introduces MonoTherm to the NAFTA


ALD-Holcroft of Wixom, Michigan, is expanding its product line to include the MonoTherm® single chamber vacuum furnace. MonoTherm is well known on the global market through ALD Vacuum Technologies of Hanau, Germany.
MonoTherm is a single chamber vacuum furnace offered in “kit” style. The system is designed according to the specific needs of a customer by allowing the selection of various standard system options. Configurations can include the usual 360° cooling pattern or top/bottom, left/right (each with reverse) cooling gas flow. It is available with cooling pressures from 1.4 to 20 bar positive using nitrogen, argon, or helium. Both graphite or metallic hot zones are standard options. Convection heating, soft starters, variable frequency drives, and partial pressure control are additional standard kit options.

Normal applications for the MonoTherm include vacuum annealing, vacuum hardening and tempering, case hardening (low pressure carburizing, or LPC), vacuum brazing, and vacuum sintering. Additional processes are possible as well as special applications and special load sizes. MonoTherm assures a +/-10°F temperature uniformity from 300°F to 2280°F.

ALD-Holcroft offers MonoTherm, DualTherm® and ModulTherm® vacuum-based heat treating systems for the NAFTA market. Projects are managed on a turnkey, single-supplier basis, with each installation engineered to user requirements.

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