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Bruce Cowley

currently serves as president of Parker Industries Incorporated, “Your Single Source for Tools and Gages,” Bohemia, New York, USA. visit or contact for further information. Bruce is a graduate of Ohio University and for the past 28 years has served the dimensional and gear measurement and gear and spline processing industries in various capacities that include: applications engineering, training instructor, director of international marketing and sales, gear and spline and related tool and gauge tool design, product management, and executive management. He has filed for two utility and process patents (both pending) for internal gear tooth span measurement gages and the process methodology, and a non-contact probe and system that comprises a multi-dimensional array fiber optic and faceted projection eyes with closed loop feedback systems for non-contact measurement of both involute and non-involute profile component surfaces. He has submitted various papers and made presentations at SME, VDI/VDE, IDMW, COGM, and ASPE conferences. And previously has served as a former member of the AGMA and Chairman of Gear Data Exchange Committee, and participant and contributor to both the Inspection Handbook and Gear Cutting Tool committees. Bruce resides in Clayton, Ohio, has two children and his hobbies include golf tennis, mountain climbing and biking and back country hiking, and art appreciation, and most importantly he’s a committed college football fan. PARKER Industries serves as the Americas distribution partner for:Affolter Technologies S.A. Case Postale 455 Grand-Rue 76, CH-2735 MallerayTel.: +41 32 491 70 00 Fax: +41 32 491 70 05 Net: E-Mail: