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March 2023

Broaching Machine Specialties

Broaching Machine Specialties builds a variety of standard lines of new broaching equipment and special machines for unique broaching applications.

Broaching Machine Specialties (BMS) President Matt Egrin takes an interesting approach to how he wants his company to be known — as the Trader Joe’s of the machine tool industry, in that it provides a level of service that outshines its competition. “For example, when you go into a Trader Joe’s grocery store and you […]
Kenneth Carter

Investigating the scuffing load carrying capacity of hypoid gear oils

A new test method has been developed consisting of a running-in procedure and a step test of up to 14 load stages as the main test phase, using a hypoid test gear.

Highly loaded hypoid gears, which are preferably used in vehicle axle drives, exhibit an unfavorable combination of high sliding velocities and high contact stresses in tooth contact with regard to the failure mode scuffing. For this reason, the scuffing load carrying capacity is a decisive design criterion in the development of hypoid gears. In addition […]
Alexander Drechsel M.Sc., Josef Pellkofer, Karsten Stahl

Estimation of drag finishing abrasive effect for cutting-edge preparation in broaching tool

The performance of an abrasive mixture of SiC and Al2O2 at different grain sizes and percentages of mixture is used to prepare uncoated tungsten carbide broaching tools by a drag finishing process.

In recent years, cutting-edge preparation became a topic of high interest in the manufacturing industry because of the important role it plays in the performance of the cutting tool. This article describes the use of the drag finishing DF cutting-edge preparation process on the cutting tool for the broaching process. The main process parameters were […]
Cristian F. Pérez-Salinas, Ander del Olmo, Rorberto López de Lacalle

Calculating mounting distance tolerances

Although no reliable methods have yet been developed to calculate tolerances for the mounting distance in intersected-axes and crossed-axes gearing, required configurations of the gears in a gear pair are more commonly obtained by means of the ‘trial and error method.’

The mounting distance in intersected-axes gearing and in crossed-axes gearing will be explored in this article. It is shown the plane of action in a gear pair can be employed for the calculation of tolerance for the accuracy of the mounting distance in gearing of both kinds. The tolerance for the accuracy of the mounting […]
Dr. Stephen P. Radzevich Ph.D., Dr. (Eng) Sci.

February 2023

Investigation of the effect of application of non-conventional root profiles for reduction of bending stresses in helical gear drives

A recent study was conducted that provided the variation of the alternating range of normal stresses on the root surface in the longitudinal direction of the gear teeth for tooth root profiles based on various curves and their comparisons.

The substitution of the conventional trochoid root profile in spur and helical gears by non-conventional root profiles, based on elliptical or Bèzier curves, to reduce the maximum bending stress at the gear root surfaces, has been the subject of an intensive research recently. The application of finite element models in which the load is applied […]
Ignacio Gonzalez-Perez, Alfonso Fuentes-Aznar, Jose Calvo Irisarri, Alfredo Fernandez Sison, Harri Aurrekoetxea-Arratibel

Case study: Measuring precision parts with CMM

Exact Metrology CMM helps Douglas Machine & Engineering measure aluminum plate.

Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company and a comprehensive 3D metrology service provider and hardware sales company, recently used its coordinate measuring machine (CMM) at its Moline, Illinois, facility to help an industrial manufacturer. Located in Davenport, Iowa, Douglas Machine & Engineering is a manufacturer of fixtures, broaches, reamers, straighteners, vises, pliers, cutters, […]
Joe Wright

Optimizing forging machine productivity, longevity

Forging equipment OEM delivers ‘health check’ while ongoing preventive maintenance program helps forgers optimize production and keep equipment online even when faced with high turnover.

In the multi-faceted gear industry, it is important to shine a spotlight on a key element of gear production: forging and the essential process of properly maintaining the equipment to avoid costly unscheduled downtime. Forging has long been used to manufacture gears with relatively simple configurations. Generally, this involves casting steel ingots, which are reduced […]
Del Williams

January 2023

Particle-based Phyllosilicate-Additive for efficiency improvement and surface protection

Tests confirm that using an innovative phyllosilicate-based surface treatment additive technology provides improvements in friction reduction on metals in both grease and oil applications.

Croda Int Plc is a developer and manufacturer of an innovative phyllosilicate-based surface treatment additive technology for gears and bearings. The particles with a platelet shape use lubricants as a carrier and build through their adsorption a protective phyllosilicate-based coating on the surface. The modified surface has a significantly lower surface roughness, which ensures a […]
Petr Chizhik, Stefan Bill, Scott Gardiner

Solid coatings: Not just for space vehicles anymore

Simple and complex solids provide efficient, cost-effective environmentally friendly lubrication and wear protection for an increasing number of applications.

Solid lubrication and wear reduction coatings were once the purview of NASA and companies in the aerospace industry. Now, they are showing up in an increasing number of applications here on the ground. The component materials for these coatings come from all over the periodic table. “Even with a relatively small number of materials, once […]
Nancy McGuire