Spiroid offers designs for variety of industries


Spiroid High Torque Gearing can handle an application that requires more power in less space, or a need for reduction flexibility or positive backlash control. The company’s right-angle gear technology offers unique design advantages for applications for a wide variety of industries.

Those industries include:

Spiroid right angle gear technology enables design engineers to achieve high-torque outputs with less space and weight for use in robotics applications such as exoskeletons, rehab robots, remote bomb disposal, and remote surgery systems.

Spiroid offers high-torque capacity and small space claim to ideally suit a wide variety of aerospace applications, including flap actuation systems, endicon couplings, commercial aviation, and spaceflight.

Spiroid provides design advantages for the small, lightweight, and highly accurate power transmission drive systems used in medical devices and robotic surgical instruments.

Spiroid offers a compact, lightweight, and high-torque design solution for strapping tool applications, form/fill/seal production lines, and more.

For more information: www.spiroidgearing.com