Solar Atmospheres adds milling center to support tensile testing


Solar Atmospheres of Western PA recently installed a second machining center to support its newest service for customers — tensile testing.

By adding a brand new fully programmable 8,100 rpm Haas VF2 milling center, Solar is now able to support the machining of flat tensile specimens. This machining ability fully complements the function of the 10,000 PSI hydraulic jaw that is an integral component of the Tinius Olsen 300SL tensile machine. These massive hydraulic jaws can grip either threaded round or flat specimens.

Feedback from a recent customer satisfaction survey revealed how important this new mechanical testing service is to Solar’s customer base. A user from Service Steel Aerospace said, “The ‘in-house’ tensile testing has improved our delivery performance and we couldn‘t be happier.”

If mechanical testing is necessary, Solar Atmospheres of Western PA can support that need within hours after thermal processing is complete. Solar is Nadcap and Boeing approved for all room temperature tensile testing.