Revelations Software from Bryant Grinder


Bryant® Grinder, a division of Vermont Machine Tool®, has released Revelations® software, a Microsoft Windows-based CNC control software that revolutionizes programming methods for machine tool operations and programming, making them more efficient, more flexible, and easier to operate.

“Revelations software reduces operator training, programming time, cycle and setup time, and scrap,” says Craig Barrett, president of Bryant Grinder. “And with optional online ethernet support, Bryant Grinder engineers in Vermont can troubleshoot and solve a software, electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic issue with a machine that is anywhere in the world. As a result, service trips are minimized and downtime is reduced substantially.

“Using Revelations software increases a shop’s flexibility on many levels,” he adds. “The software can run on any grinder, lathe, machining center, hobber, gear shaper, or special machine that uses a PC-based controller.”

Operator training on Revelations software takes only a couple of hours, compared to operator training on available competitive software, which takes up to two weeks. Training is simplified because operators use only one screen to run the entire machine, and programmers use only one screen for flowchart programming. Online documentation, such as help screens and links via help text, is available at the machine, too, guiding the operator through each step in the process. All hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic diagrams are available online. The software also graphically displays dressing forms and grinding profiles on grinding applications.

“Revelations software makes the machine shop flexible on several levels,” Barrett says. Engineers using browser-enabled workstations on a company’s network can easily program one or more machines on the shop floor using Revelations software visual flowcharts. The programming automatically generates the G-code and downloads it into the control. Engineers can also generate production estimates from their workstations without running machines, which allows them to reduce setup time and manipulate cycles to fit production requirements. Revelations software can control multiple machines in a shop—so operators can run more machines and be more productive, it has an unlimited range of speeds and feeds not relying on typical canned cycles, and it helps engineers collect data and manage machines based on that data.

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