PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Burr-Rx Brushes from Weiler


Weiler Corporation, the leader in nylon abrasive filament brushes, provides a complete offering of Burr-Rx™ deburring tools including power tube brushes, small-diameter wheels, Bore-Rx internal deburring tools, and large-diameter wheel, disc, miniature disc, and banded end brushes, all manufactured with an advanced ceramic-grain abrasive filament. Weiler offers the most comprehensive line of high aggression, compliant brushing tools that address practically any automated deburring need. The black nylon filaments of Weiler’s Burr-Rx brushes are co-extruded with an engineered ceramic abrasive grain, providing cut rates up to 400 percent faster than standard silicon carbide or aluminum oxide filaments. The extreme aggression of Burr-Rx brushes reduces cycle times by allowing the use of high feed rates and short dwell times, resulting in increased throughput and lower deburring costs. In addition, the brushes can remove burrs that are impossible to remove with conventional nylon abrasive filament brushes. Learn more at