Philadelphia Gear Offers One-Stop Shopping For Onsite Overhauls


Philadelphia Gear announces its new Onsite Technical Services (OTS) group, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a complete onsite solution to gearbox-related issues, OTS allows U.S. consumers to significantly cut downtime caused by gear and transmission repairs. Removal, reinstallation, in-place machining, onsite overhauls, alignment, oil analysis, and many other power transmission maintenance services are offered.

“It only takes one call for Philadelphia Gear to begin the evaluation process, dispatch a technician from one of five regional service centers, or schedule a ‘job walk’ in order to thoroughly understand the scope of the project and, most importantly, propose a solution,” says Chuck Zirkle, OTS program manager.

Additionally, since Philadelphia Gear was the OEM for many of the critical gear applications used today across a wide variety of industries, the company is in the unique position to supply OEM parts, then install them to bring decades-old gearboxes into “as new” condition. Regardless of the scope of any project, Philadelphia Gear’s service technicians will provide hands on support throughout the process.

“OTS enables customers to stay focused on their business, while we seamlessly handle the repair with a ‘one-stop shop’ philosophy,” says Gerry Matteson, Philadelphia Gear general manager. “We also provide our customers with greater peace of mind, because we’ve combined 114 years of experience with the most current technology. By digitizing more than 3,000,000 pages of proprietary technical documents, we now have instant access to critical information from anywhere in the world with just a few keystrokes.”

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