MDSI Expands Customer Support


Manufacturing Data Systems, Inc., of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has a new service partner, S3SM, which is dedicated to providing installation, technical service, applications engineering, and support for MDSI controls customers. The announcement was made by Michael Tarr, MDSI global sales director.

"This new service initiative will provide our customers with prompt, professional support for all MDSI products," he says, "so that they can get the maximum benefit from the productivity enhancing features of our machine and automation controls."

S3SM services include a free archival service for OpenCNC machines, providing customers safe backup of all machine parameters and logic files as they change over the years; help to fully utilize the flexibility of OpenCNC by adding features like custom M codes, installing new hardware accessories, and making changes to the PLC logic that customize the control for any shop’s processes; field service on drives and motors, third party hardware, and some mechanical repairs.

MDSI is a subsidiary of Tecumseh Products Company, a $2-billion global manufacturer of compressors, gasoline engines, and pumps. MDSI supplies open architecture factory automation solutions that increase flexibility and enable agile manufacturing for the CNC and general motion control markets. MDSI software has logged millions of hours of successful metal-cutting production in the aerospace, construction, agricultural, and machine tool industries.

S3SM is located in the MDSI headquarters and can be reached at (888) OPENCNC or [].