Mazak Certifies SME Tooling U for VIP Technology Partnership Program


Mazak has announced that SME Tooling U, the leading provider of online manufacturing training programs, has been named the newest member of Mazak’s Value Inspired Partners (VIP) program. Created from a desire to provide manufacturers with total solutions, the VIP program promotes higher levels of cooperation among companies offering complementary manufacturing products.

“SME Tooling U is very excited to be part of the Mazak VIP program,” says Chad Schron, SME Tooling U division manager. “We work with Mazak to train employees all over the world on manufacturing topics and Mazak technology specifically.”

Mazak launched its VIP program in August 2010. Inclusion in the VIP program requires a company to provide products and services that transcend traditional supplier relationships and meet the following criteria:

• Be a recognized leader with unique, innovative, and high quality products;
• Provide extensive pre- and post-sales support;
• Add value to customer processes and provide system solutions;
• Maintain a culture of ethical business standards and practices.

“SME Tooling U represents an excellent candidate for participation in the VIP program,” says Brian Papke, president of Mazak Corporation. “Given the continuous investments that Mazak makes in training seminars and events, we have a great respect for what SME Tooling U has accomplished and value the working relationship we have with them. We are pleased to welcome them to the program.”

Members of the VIP program will work with Mazak in product development and the creation of training events and seminars spanning a broad range of topics. For more information please visit [].