KISSsoft feasibility assessment for power skiving

(Courtesy: KISSsoft)

As a part of Gleason, there is a strong partner behind the company when it comes to specific manufacturing know-how. For example, KISSsoft can now evaluate the feasibility for power skiving (module ZA8).

Especially in design solutions where there is little room for tool runout (for example, when the shaft shoulder is very close to the pinion), KISSsoft makes it easy to verify if the skive method is well suited for a particular application.

The most important tool parameter, the number of tool teeth, can be determined automatically. Subsequently, a special report with workpiece and tool data can be generated. This report can be transferred to Gleason when required, making the data exchange between the designer and the tool supplier much easier and less error-prone — all within a holistic working process.

Further highlights will be presented in the near future — follow along via KISSsoft News or on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.