BIG Kaiser to Showcase Newest Precision Tooling at Eastec


BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling, Inc., will showcase a number of tooling product lines at Eastec 2006. Visit BIG Kaiser at Booth #3033 to find out what is new from Kaiser, BIG Daishowa, Speroni, Unilock, Sphinx, and more. At the show—to be held May 23-25 in West Springfield, Massachusetts—BIG Kaiser will introduce the Kaiser Integral 112 Finish Boring Heads and Speroni’s New Esperia AutoShrink with ProVision.

The new integral-shank is designed for the popular EW2-50XL precision boring head. They will be available for CAT40, BT40, HSK-A63, and Capto C6 size spindles and provide a shorter tool than the modular shank/boring head combination. In the case of the CAT40 taper, the tool is shorter by over 1.3”. This translates into a lighter and more rigid tool that can operate at higher cutting speeds and feeds.

For use with existing center-mounted boring bars (Ø.078”-2.125”) and side-mounted insert holders (Ø3.15”-6.00”), these heads can be used for precision finish boring with a large adjustment dial displaying increments of .0002”/dial division and Vernier markings to accurately adjust to .00005” on diameter.
The Speroni AutoShrink with ProVision is the most versatile and precise fully automatic CNC integrated preset, measure, and shrink-fit system in its class. It has the ability to shrink fit any kind of tool, including HSS tools ranging from 4mm to 50mm in diameter. The full integration of the coil system with the Speroni BDI software module makes the shrinking operation completely automatic and worry free. As always, the system features one micron Heidenhein glass scales and its thermo-balanced and artificially aged pearlitic cast iron structures ensure that the equipment is fully isostatic and will not deform or distort over time or temperature change—a fundamental requirement in providing long-term linear accuracy and repeatability.

The new ProVision Measurement and Data Management System Software has sub-pixel and sub-micron resolution that provides the most accurate and repeatable way to measure and preset your tools. The software stores at least 10,000 tools, 10,000 tool kits, and 250 zero points. The graphics filter allows for the display of the following file types: DWG, DXF, GIF, JPEG, PCX, WMF, in addition to the ones supplied with the Windows operating system. Many additional features of this new software further compliment the machine itself and help to produce the most accurate, repeatable, and easy to use preset, measure, and shrink-fit system on the market.

Visit BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling at Eastec Booth #3033 for more information. Also call (847) 228-7660, (888) 866-5776, or go online to [].