Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Ganesh Industries

Humble beginnings as a small family business are still the driving force behind Ganesh Industries, even though the company has grown exponentially since it...

The Time-Temperature-Transformation Curve

In the previous column, we discussed the formation of the Iron-Carbon phase diagram. This diagram allowed us to estimate the microstructure under non-equilibrium conditions....

Industry standards for steel cleanness

The correlation of steel cleanness to the performance of parts made from steel has been recognized by engineers for many years. This has been...

Tolerances associated with gears

Have you ever purchased something that cautioned, “Some assembly required” on the packaging, only to learn later that even with a master’s degree in...

Q&A with Curtis Criswell

What do you do with United Tool Supply? As director of operations, I am involved in virtually every aspect of the business. This includes sales, marketing, production management, and most importantly, customer relations. We have...

Gear Expo expands with a name change: Motion + Power Technology Expo

Gear Expo began in 1986 as a small tabletop show in a hotel ballroom. Over 30 years, it has grown to be the trade...


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