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Company Profile: American Steel Treating

By: Molly J. Rogers

For over 25 years, American Steel Treating has provided leading OEMs and suppliers with heat treating solutions, while continuously broadening its capabilities in the thermal...

Tribological Coating Wear and Durability...

By: Ryan D. Evans, Carl H. Hager Jr., Ph.D. & Randy Kruse

While it is generally known that extreme contact pressure and sliding velocity operating conditions can lead to coating wear, a better understanding of the thresholds that...

TOOLING & WORKHOLDING: Processing Technology for...

By: Kazuyuki Ishizu, Masanobu Misaki, Tetsuji Monden & Yozo Nakamura

The latest advancements for dry-cut hobbing machines and tools improve efficiency by reducing cutting time and machine downtime while maintaining machine precision.

INSPECTION & METROLOGY: Today’s Technology...

By: Bradley Miner, Caitlin Chandler & Robert Johnson

While the requirements for more precise gears increase and production methods grow in number and sophistication, metrology provides the link that lets producers generate the...

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