Monday, January 21, 2019

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Precision Gage Company

It’s a testament to Precision Gage Company that, from its beginnings in a living room in Chicago, it is celebrating its 70th year in...

Understanding different types of heat treatment: Annealing

In the last few installments we discussed the use of  Time-Temperature-Transformation and Continuous Cooling Transformation diagrams to understand the phase changes that occur during...

AQ (aircraft quality) testing requirements

Much has been written about the critical nature of steel cleanliness as it relates to the performance of highly stressed, cyclically loaded gear components....

When someone gives you the shaft

Did you ever have someone “give you the shaft”? This insult is defined as ignoring or putting someone down. In gearing, giving you the...

Q&A with Mary Ellen Doran

Your position is fairly new. What happened in the industry to move the creation of that position forward? It was a board directive as part of AGMA’s 2016 strategic plan. The Board of Directors made...

2018 was a year of evolved innovation

Looking back through the last 12 months, it is easy to see the changes within our industry, your businesses, and even some of our...


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