Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Wenzel America

With thousands of customers around the world using Wenzel machines, the company is considered a leader in the metrology industry. Its focus is on...

Heat treatment of powder metallurgy parts

The use of powder metallurgy (P/M) for the production of near-net shaped parts has increased in recent years due to performance gains, as well...

The state of the art of wind turbine gearboxes

Much has been written here about the global growth in the wind turbine industry. Today, more than 341,320 wind turbines are operating worldwide. In...

A primer on backlash, its purpose in gear designs

If gears are designed with a standard tooth proportion and are operating on a standard center distance, they would mesh ideally and would neither...

Q&A with Marc Vonderlage

What does Wickert do for the gear manufacturing industry? Wickert is a technical leader in the field of fixture hardening equipment and pressing systems. Our equipment allows gear manufacturers to reduce manufacturing cost and improve...

Solving ‘The People Impact’: How can AGMA help?

I recently completed my 70th tour of a member company, during which I spent time with AGMA Board Members Michael Engesser of Reischauer, Cory Ooyen...


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