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Company Profile: Redin Production Machine

From an innovative machine builder in the 1940s to a leader in deburring machines, Redin Production Machine looks toward continued opportunities to provide its customers with...

  • Materials Matter: Lambda Ratio

    By: Justin Michaud

    Surface roughness must be accurately characterized in order for the lambda ratio to be a completely effective tool.

  • Tooth Tips: Driving Creativity and Innovation

    By: Matt Mondek

    Whether your gear business produces a product or delivers a service, creativity and innovation should be part of your culture and daily practice.

  • Trend Talks: Social Media Marketing for Gear Manufacturing

    By: Kenneth Carter

    When gear manufacturing companies look at spreading the word about their products and services, they need to make sure social media isn’t left by the curb.

  • Hot Seat: Purchasing Tips

    By: Jim Grann

    When buying a heat-treating system, there are some essential questions that everyone should ask.

  • Q&A with Matt Panosh

    Each issue, a Gear Solutions editor talks with experienced leaders from companies across the industry to learn about their offerings, philosophy, technology, processes, and customer relationships.

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