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 A leader on high-quality installations

Gears are essential parts to the workings of countless machines, but when those machines are dependent on specifically designed gears, then service and repair...

Back to basics: The mechanism of quenching

Regardless of the product, it is likely that it is heat-treated and quenched. Engine components are heat-treated for wear and durability (Figure 1). Aircraft...

How to set up a vibratory bowl for gear finishing

This is the first in a multi-part series on vibratory processing of gears. This article is focused on machine set-up for optimal mass motion. Overview...

Standards in terminology for bevel gearing

If you still are digesting the acronyms in my April 2019 column, I apologize. As mentioned in that article, without a proper understanding of...

Q&A with Larry McMillan

What do you do in your position at Hainbuch America? I cover parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, and I promote Hainbuch sales. What advances in workholding has Hainbuch developed over the last two years? A couple...

New chairman lauds the benefits of being an AGMA member

Dear Membership, My name is John Cross, I am the new chairman of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) Board of Directors. Seeing as...


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