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Weiler Abrasives

Weiler Abrasives has worn many hats dating back to its original roots in 1898, but gear grinding has become one of the company’s key...

Back to basics: Quenching, tempering as heat treatments

This article describes the most common type of heat treatment of steel. This includes austenitizing, quenching, and tempering. In this process, the part is...

Magnetic particle testing and evaluation of AMS AQ test samples

Aircraft quality (AQ) testing of steels per AMS 2300, 2301, 2303, and 2304 requires specialized sampling and specimen preparation prior to final evaluation using...

Standards in terminology for gearing

LOL, BRB, and LMAO are some of the terms that you might text to your teenager if you want to seem cool with their...

Q&A with David Jones

How long have you been involved with Emuge precision workholding products? I have worked at Emuge Corp. in the precision workholding group since 1997 and have been the manager of the group since 1999. Over...

AGMA dives into the many facets of emerging technology

When we started the emerging technology committee work in 2017, we laid out a very straightforward directive for ourselves: provide relevant information on five...


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