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With a focus on cutting tools and the solutions around them, ZOLLER Inc.’s place in the machine tool universe holds a special philosophy. ZOLLER prides...

Safe operation of endothermic atmospheres

In the last column, we discussed the importance of making sure that the endothermic atmosphere was the right composition to ensure proper heat treatment....

Future of gear design relies on overcoming present

Increasing application demands and the need for higher performance mean the future is coming fast for gear designs. The next generation of gear engineers...

Converting to linear motion using rack and pinion

As the summer heat builds, we all look forward to the annual family vacation. Whether the trip takes us to the mountains, or to...

Q&A with Maeve McGoff

What do you do with Cincinnati Gearing Systems? My responsibilities include marketing, video production and graphic design, product videos, company videos, print and web advertising, social media outreach, website maintenance, sales and marketing forecasting, customer...

Fall Technical Meeting to highlight 26 compelling presentations

With more than three decades of technical conferences, AGMA is no longer a name just synonymous with gear standards. It has become the association...


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