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Company Profile: Drewco Workholding

Innovative design engineers, skilled machinists, 68 years of experience, and valued customer relationships are some of the advantages to working with Drewco Workholding.

  • Materials Matter: Power Density and Isotropic Superfinishing

    By: Martin McCormick

    Surface durability is greatly impacted by isotropic superfinishing, allowing for increased power density of gears and power transfer systems.

  • Tooth Tips: Variables for Quality Design: Specifications

    By: Matt Mondek

    A comprehensive set of specifications defines how the gear or gearbox will meet desired objectives and are essential for achieving a quality design.

  • Trend Talks: Education

    By: Anna Claire Howard

    In an industry as established and evolving as gear manufacturing, education and workforce development remain at the core of its progress.

  • Hot Seat: Lean Manufacturing

    Digital technology such as the Internet of Things (loT) can be utilized to enhance gear manufacturing.

  • Q&A with Jaime Fischer

    Each issue, a Gear Solutions editor talks with experienced leaders from companies across the industry to learn about their offerings, philosophy, technology, processes, and customer relationships.

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