Star SU LLC offers a wide variety of gear cutting machinery, tools and services including: hobbing, gear grinding, chamfering and deburring, straightening, shaping and shaving machines; tool grinding machines; hobs, milling cutters, shaper cutters and shaving tools; chamfer and deburring tools; gundrills and reamers; form tools; carbide blanks and performs; remanufactured machinery, retrofits and recontrols; and tool life cycle management services.

Gear Cutting Tools

Brands: Star SU, Star Cutter, H.B. Carbide, Samputensili, FFG Werke, and Profilator

Star SU- Gear Cutting Tools offer a wide variety of gear cutting tools, including: gear hobs, milling cutters, gear shaper cutters, shaving tools, chamfer and deburring tools, master gears, ring & plug gauges, and broaches.

Star US- Large Selection of Gear Manufacturing Tools. In this business the depth of experience is as important as the depth of your product line. Of course, Star SU offers a wide variety of gear cutting and tool grinding machine tools.  but it’s the recommendations from our experienced engineers that will help optimize your processes for the better parts, increases efficiency and longer tool life.  With our extensive line of products and services, we can customize every aspect of your gear cutting and tool grinding operation for cutting speeds and feeds to automation and tool coatings. Our quality gear and tool grinding machine tools consist of:

Hobbing Machines

Star SU is the go-to-market cooperative partnership of Star Cutter Company of Farmington Hills, MI, and SU America, Inc. of Hoffman Estates, IL, the US sales and manufacturing unit to SAMP S.p.A. The companies together represent one of the world’s largest gear machine, tool and gear tool manufacturing producers.

The first hobbing machine was patented in Chemnitz, Germany in the year 1900. For over 100 years hobbing machines have been designed and produced in Chemnitz. This tradition continues today in FFG Werke Modul’s and Bourn & Koch’s line of innovative and reliable hobbing machines. – See more at: