Tru-Volut can be found in gear manufacturing shops throughout North America and around the globe, in aerospace and defense manufacturing, and in automation and robotics.

Thanks to our valuable customers, Russell, Holbrook & Henderson Inc. has been supplying the gear manufacturing industry with quality products and valuable service. Our line of TRU-VOLUTE gear cutting tools includes hobs, shaper cutters and milling cutters which are known for their superior quality.

Established in 1915, Russell, Holbrook & Henderson, Inc. has been synonymous with quality and precision; furnishing the gear tooling industry with fine machine tools. Our expertise and product know-how can support all your gear manufacturing needs.

As a leader in the fine-pitch gear tooling market our line of TRU-VOLUTE products are recognized for the highest quality and precision in the industry. Our Class AAA hobs have become the standard for high accuracy gear cutting.

Acquired in 1985 by Ogasawara Precision Hob Laboratory, the leading manufacturer of fine-pitch gear tooling in Japan, our combined resources have resulted in a worldwide company focused on improving gear production through high accuracy and precision gear cutting technology.

Our focus continues to be the importance of quality tools, inspection methods and gear technologies which are principal for first-class gear manufacturing.

If you demand high accuracy and precision gear technology, contact us at RH&H– the source for gear tooling solutions.