Rotating Machinery Consultants for the Wind Industry.

As global specialists in the design and analysis of rotating machinery, Romax provides a comprehensive range of services for the development, manufacture and maintenance of wind turbine gearboxes, bearings and drivetrains. Romax is committed to applying technical innovation to improving reliability and profitability of current and new generation multi megawatt wind turbines.

Romax’s GL Certified multi megawatt gearbox designs have been selected by over nine major manufacturers for their proven durability. Providing full designs as well as manufacturing support, Romax works in partnership with its clients allowing them rapid technical advances in wind gearbox manufacturing capability.

For wind turbine operators & financiers, Romax offers gearbox & bearing inspections, vibration & SCADA assessment, root cause analysis & retrofit engineering to ensure the smooth running & profitability of their turbines.

Romax’s unique approach, which is supported by technical staff including metallurgists, gearbox and bearing experts, experienced turbine inspection teams, engineering analysts & condition monitoring engineers, results in effective technical solutions to turbine inefficiencies & failures.

We are a global leader in software and services for gearbox, bearings and driveline systems.

We have more than 220 customers worldwide in automotive, wind, bearings, aerospace, marine, off highway and rail, including:

  • 100+ automotive customers, including 14 of the world's top 15 auto manufacturers
  • The world's top six bearing manufacturers
  • 60 offshore and onshore wind farm operators who rely on InSight software and services to optimise operations and reduce the cost of energy

As a business founded on inspiration, innovation and improvement, we have been working since 1989 to provide:

  • Consulting – trusted advice and practical problem-solving that enable you to achieve measurable and sustainable process improvements
  • Software – targeted design and analysis tools for designers, analysts and engineers that support management goals
  • Services – proven engineering and support services, from concept and detailed designs through analysis to validation, testing, manufacture and end-to-end process improvements

Expert people:

We have 250 employees including 120 in the UK, with more than 50% educated to Master's degree or higher. Our global engineering team cover 40 specialisations across consulting, process improvement, design, analysis, testing and manufacturing.

Global reach:

We have 12 offices in the USA, China, Japan, Korea, India and Europe which enables us to provide services with local knowledge across the globe.


With our customers, we take a 'whole solution' approach to help you solve critical challenges and get it Right First Time™. Our proven approach can:

  • Cut design time by 60%
  • Reduce analysis time by over 80%
  • Save 30% on prototyping costs
  • Improve end product delivery
  • Reduce time to market 

To ensure we are always delivering the latest in technologies and solutions we are continuously investing in Research and Development (R&D), including projects with leading commercial, government and academic organisations. 

We are members of: 

  • Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Helicopter Association International
  • American Gear Manufacturers Association
  • British Gears Association
  • University of Cincinnati – Hypoid and Bevel Gear Mesh
  • Dynamic Consortium
  • Societe des Ingenieurs de l'Automobile