Roders Tec has three main business units:

Roders Pewter:
For six generations, our pewter has been produced to the very highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Good design has always been priority, since the “Bauhaus” period, with its design being an expression of the contemporary and a continuation of traditional shapes, also modern design, recently from Colani and others. Appropriate to the material and cast without any lead, the pewter has an enduring value.

Blow Moulds
The Blow Mould Production applies the latest in-house developments in manufacturing technologies. The extremely short lead times and great reliability are valued by our customers worldwide. Due to our long lasting specialization in blow moulds for PET bottles, we enjoy a leading position, even in the implementation of demanding projects. We manufacture in excess of 5000 moulds a year.

Our High Speed Cutting machines are optimised for the highest possible performance in respect of machining precision, surface quality and dynamics. Various production processes can be combined in the HSC machines. Where necessary, the machines are automated by means of our own solutions. More than 3000 machines have been installed in over 50 countries.