The right product for every application!

 Innovative fluid management and consequent product developments and quality management are the key for success of our products. The long experience with high-tech lubricants allows us to enter to the specific requirements of our customers and adapt existing fluids to different production processes.

If you need more than just a standard product or increase your productivity, please contact us and put our laboratory to the test. We guarantee a longstanding lifetime for most of our products and analyze the products you are using constantly.

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment and numerous application testing systems that guarantee today’s demanding requirements, and many of tomorrow’s ever changing new standards.

“Innovative product development, strengthened by continuous quality control and comprehensive customer service, is the key to the success of our products.

The right grinding oil for every machine

 oelheld has earned a reputation for proven, unrivalled high-end metalworking fluids designed to meet the highest requirements. The constantly growing need for increased productivity, cost efficiency and optimal utilization of existing production capacities, makes it necessary to continuously optimize all process influencing factors.

The selection of the right grinding oil is particularly important, as it has a major influence on productivity, production costs, process stability and ultimately the quality of the tools produced. In our own R&D department and in close cooperation with leading machine tool manufacturers, we design products that fully meet the requirements of the market and even surpass them.

The goal of our research and development team is to strengthen your competitiveness with our grinding oils:

Shorter processing times, less grinding wheel wear and better surfaces. Our engineers and technicians are equipped with the latest machine tools and analysis equipment. The high-performance grinding oils resulting from our development work are available in different viscosities and additives to optimally meet or exceed every requirement.

oelheld‘s grinding oils are among the safest products for man, environment and machines and comply with the strictest chemical regulations in the world.

Benefit from our many years of experience and let us know your requirements. Our experts will give you advice and support you in the selection of a suitable grinding oil on the way to greater productivity. Contact us!

oelheld for over 130 years!

oelheld GmbH is a medium-sized business which can look back on 130 years of tradition and experience. Since its foundation in 1887 by Carl Christian Held, oelheld GmbH has established itself as a lubricant specialist. Partnership, research and Human Technology are our core values and are traditions that we are proud of.

We work closely with numerous machine manufacturers and universities to develop products designed to meet the specific requirements of their machines. This kind of cooperation allows us to meet the needs of our customers and adapt our fluids to the different applications.

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analysis and testing devices that meet the latest industry standards and help us to satisfy our customer’s wishes.