Kleiss Gears designs and molds gears for successful plastic geared transmissions. We work with customers to develop the right molded gear to thrive and survive in their intended function. This entails custom design of the involute gear with optimization for plastic materials, selection of the best engineering polymer for that application, precisely controlled processing to assure conformance to size, and rigorous inspection of all geared features for validation.
Kleiss doesn’t just mold gears. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer, we partner with our clients to custom design gears for their unique application. We don't just manufacture a gear – we manufacture a total system that works as designed, every time. Whether the product is a child’s toy, a precision micro-geared medical pump, or a high-strength industrial transmission, gears will be responsible for the ultimate performance. Our approach to gearing includes these four critical steps:
1. Design – our unique Shape Optimized Gear Design™ produces gears that are custom designed for their intended use, solving design challenges such as power transfer, strength, noise and weight.
2. Tooling – our tooling is cut for precision,  corrected  for non-linear shrinkage, and made for longevity.
3. Molding – we practice the science of statistically controlled precision molding, ensuring the highest accuracy and repeatability in the industry.
4. Inspection – we’ve invested in the equipment and developed the software to accurately measure the variables of molded polymer gears, guaranteeing that the gears will do everything intended for them to do.
Kleiss also works with customers to develop prototype transmissions for testing. We can cut or mold prototype gears and develop testing equipment and procedures to insure that the final design will succeed in the application.