Welcome to HobSource Inc.

We are dedicated to providing you with the finest gear cutting tools including: hobs, shaper cutters, broaches, shaving tools, form relieved milling cutters, spiral bevel tooling and rack type cutters. A wide variety of materials is available including: many grades of conventional and PM high speed steels; advanced high speed steels suitable for hard hobbing and dry hobbing; and, solid carbide. State-of-the-art CNC equipment and materials back our expertise and commitment to personalized service. Whether you are part of a multinational operation or a one-man shop, we challenge you to try our tools for yourself and compare. We welcome you to explore our website. Should you have any questions about our products or services that our site does not answer, please contact us for a prompt reply.

Whether you hob, shape, shave, broach or mill, HobSource delivers the quality tools and personal service you expect. Each and every tool is manufactured to exacting quality standards in ISO/QS facilities from the latest grades of high speed steel and carbide using CAD/CAM technology and state of the art CNC equipment. If you demand performance, reliability and dependability from your tools and vendors, we challenge you to try our tools. Your bottom line will be glad you did.

  • Complete Design and Engineering
    Before we manufacture any tool, we provide a detailed tool drawing for evaluation. We do not charge for this service since we want our customers to be sure of what they will receive. The more technical information we have about your application, the fewer assumptions we have to make.
  • Reverse Engineering
    Aren’t sure of what that broken or worn out gear is? Let us help. From the basic, measurement over pins and span measurement, to the most sophisticated coordinate measuring machine analysis, we can determine virtually any unknown.
  • Sharpening and Re-Coating
    We sharpen and recondition all types of gear cutting tools including hobs, shaper cutters, broaches and shaving cutters. Depending on the type of coating, we may be required to strip the old coating before applying a new one. For larger tooling volumes, we recommend a pickup / drop-off schedule suited to your specific needs.
  • Stocking Program
    Do you have a job that repeats? Take advantage of our generous quantity discounts at time of ordering but spread deliveries over time. We will hold tooling in inventory until needed. Contact us for full details.

Please download our brochure for more information.