Fässler is an international leader in the manufacture of honing machines for gear finishing, compact hard-broaching machines and grinding worm dressing devices; it employs around 50 persons. Fässler has been manufacturing in Switzerland for more than 40 years, its aim being to produce good gear wheels economically, while at the same time constantly improving their quality. For that purpose, Fässler invented a process which was known for a long time as “Fässlering” and laid the basis for power honing as we know it today. With an impressive blend of tradition and innovation, Fässler manufactures machine tools, which are tailored to its clients’ specific needs. To date, more than 450 machines have been installed worldwide. The precision gear finishing technology developed by Fässler is used in almost all areas of the automotive, truck and aerospace industries for the manufacture of high quality gears.

Fässler AG is a Co. Ltd. was founded in November 1970 and in 2014 the assets of Fässler AG were acquired by The Daetwyler Group, consisting of the SwissTec and Industries Divisions and is a world leader in the manufacture of high quality consumables for the printing industry as well as precision machinery for a variety of industries.