Carbolite incorporates its heritage in to the design and manufacture of each of its laboratory, commercial and industrial furnaces, ovens and incubators. Established in 1938, Carbolite has acquired the knowledge and experience that only comes with time.  During this time, Carbolite has established an enviable reputation for its ability to design and manufacture furnaces, ovens and incubators for standard and special applications in the laboratory, pilot scale and industrial equipment applications.

When so many long established manufacturers no longer exist or are unrecognizable because of acquisition, it is comforting to know that some companies have not changed.  One such company is Carbolite, an organization that continues to focus on the core business on which it was founded.

With a history of designing and manufacturing high quality products and providing outstanding customer service, Carbolite is still known for these same principles that helped establish their worldwide reputation. A tradition of innovation and wealth of engineering know-how have helped make Carbolite a world leader in laboratory heat processing equipment. Carbolite laboratory furnaces and industrial ovens are known worldwide for their operational flexibility, responsiveness, and precise temperature control.

Carbolite’s quality manufactured products include:
• Box Furnaces including over a dozen different box furnaces from 750°C box furnaces up to 1800°C box furnaces.
• Tube Furnaces including nearly a dozen different tube furnaces from 900°C tube furnaces to 1800°C tube furnaces.
• Laboratory Ovens including high temperature laboratory ovens.
• Industrial Ovens including high temperature industrial ovens.
• Clean Room Ovens including high temperature clean room ovens.
• Gas Cooled Chambers in ranges from 30 liter to 200 liter gas cooled chambers.
• Peak Series Incubators including mechanical or gravity convection peak series incubators.
• Cooled Incubators designed for processes requiring incubators below ambient temperatures.

Every Carbolite industrial oven and furnace is designed to meet the most critical heat processing requirements and have been proven in a wide range of applications. They are, in fact, among the most efficient and reliable laboratory furnace, oven and incubator products you can buy. So, please take a few moments to review the many diverse products described in this site, from box furnaces to tube furnaces, from industrial ovens to high temperature laboratory ovens, and you’ll learn why Carbolite continues to grow in recognition as today’s leading producer of laboratory thermal process equipment.