B&R Machine and Gear Corporation is a full service gear manufacturing facility with a focus in bevel gearing. Specializing in small batch production, we provide turn-key parts for your project or repair. For over 40 years, B&R has manufactured replacement gearing for a multitude of industrial markets, including power transmission, mining, and even other gear manufacturers. With a focused expertise and the capacity to produce bevel gears up to 80” in diameter, we are a leading supplier in our field. Through our in-house manufacturing process, we are able to ensure the highest quality for each job and achieve overall customer satisfaction. From initial request to delivered parts, we make your procurement process straightforward and effortless. When you partner with B&R, you get a reliable supplier that understands your need for quality parts delivered on time at a competitive price.


We have the knowledge and experience to service any industry, from the largest to the smallest… let us put our knowledge and skills to work for you.


Using state-of-the-art technology, CAD/CAM systems, our family of engineers have mastered the art of precision engineering. Through inverse engineering we can produce a precise clone of an existing part without a blue print or drawing of the part. Simply supply the part. We’ll “bend over backwards” to supply your needs in machine gear manufacturing.