Arrow Gear Company is among the most technologically advanced gear companies in the world. Our modern facility of over 145,000 square feet is equipped for a full range of precision manufacturing for bevel, spur and helical gears – as well as enclosed gear drives.

Arrow was founded in 1947 by James J. Cervinka and Frank E. Pielsticker. From modest beginnings in an industrial building in Worth, Illinois, the company has grown to employ more than 200 and has earned a reputation for producing precision products to the global market for a wide variety of aerospace and commercial applications.

Today, located in Downers Grove, Illinois, our facility contains the latest state-of-the-art technologies for design, manufacturing, heat treatment and inspection.

Design and Development

Arrow’s advanced technologies reach beyond machine tools alone. Arrow is equipped with design and development capabilities that are on the leading edge of the industry.
Through the use of the latest technology, Arrow’s engineers utilize a computer-based design system that offers substantial savings for customers, both in time and expense.

Equipped with Gleason CAGE, GAGE, MINIGAGE, Finite Element and Fully Loaded TCA software, the critical process of tooth contact pattern development can be performed more efficiently than with conventional methods.