Consistency of quality and over thirty years of expertise and experience produce AMERICAN GEARS… fine and medium pitch small gears. The foremost corporations throughout America look to AMERICAN GEARS to meet their most exacting needs, to meet their closest tolerances and to meet their requirements for prompt delivery, competitive prices and unexcelled service.

We meet specifications of industry for countless products that are within inches of your finger tips… everywhere. We also meet the most demanding military specifications. Our closely supervised quality control and employment of the latest equipment produces these fine and medium pitch gears to a wide range of businesses.


We are fully prepared to provide prototypes for you from the part developed from bar stock to the finished product… then mass produce the finest precision gears up to 10,000 parts per month. Individual attention is given to specific orders and fast turn around. the prototype service we have provides parts to meet very close tolerances for further development.

Assembly Capabilities

AMERICAN GEAR will produce assemblies to meet your every need… gears and allied products and shafts into assemblies from the smallest to the largest quantity, regardless of the number of the parts in each assembly. Assemblies can consist of any one or more of our standard or custom gears. We invite your inquiry.

AMERICAN GEAR, INC. is a specialist in serving manufacturers of all sizes with the finest in gears and allied products and the maintenance of consistency of quality. We meet your need as to delivery, tolerances, costs and service. AMERICAN GEARS are everywhere… and we can help you too. Providing the usual… offering the unusual.