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January 2022

Creating scalable end-to-end solutions

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence works with its customers to improve productivity with software solutions for gear production, including design, engineering, manufacturing, quality inspection, and more.

Designing gears can be a mind-boggling complex endeavor, but over the years, that process has been made more efficient — and maybe even a bit easier — with the creation of innovative software solutions. Those software solutions can often mean the difference between success and failure, which is why optimal gear design has become an […]
Kenneth Carter

Comparative study of the usage of SAE 8620 and EN 36C in an automotive differential

Using a differential gearbox design, a comparison between two popular case hardening alloy steels shows that EN 36C offers significantly better tool strength, wear resistance, and fatigue properties.

An automotive differential gearbox is a critical component of the powertrain involved in the transmission of power and its appropriate distribution to the wheels. The gears of a differential are subjected to high stresses over multiple cycles making durability and reliability a significant concern to designers and manufacturers. Case hardened alloy steels such as SAE […]
Saurav Kambil, Ankur Miglani

Case study: Heading to the High Torque© finish line

Minority-owned Preco Manufacturing achieves superior finishes for aerospace applications while overcoming V-flange CNC milling problems via JM Performance Products’ high-torque retention knobs.

More than most industries, today’s aerospace, defense, and automotive-component manufacturing is challenged with machining a lot of exotic alloys and hard metals. This can take a toll on the carbide cutting tools used, and the result is that the tools must be changed out more frequently as they dull or break. Tool replacement, not to […]
Craig Fischer