Schunk Hydraulic Expansion Arbor Offers Many Benefits


With more than 75,000 implemented, customer-specific solutions, Schunk has been developing and manufacturing hydraulic expansion arbors for high-precision applications in milling, hobbing, turning, grinding, assembly, inspection, and balancing for more than 35 years. With Schunk, you'll profit from the know-how of the world's largest supplier and the market leader for hydraulic expansion technology, now with VERO-S Module Quick-Change capabilities.

Benefits to using Schunk Hydraulic Expansion Arbor with VERO-S Module Quick-Change system for customer-specific clamping solutions include:

Top tooling change in seconds, which allows quick and easy flexing of machine, rigid assembly with up to 25,000 Newtons of pull down force created by the VERO-S Module, ease of operation (VERO-S Module is Spring Clamp-Air to Unclamp), maximum run-out and repeat accuracy of less than or equal to 0.005 mm, (when used with 0.000 mm axial run out spindle) and excellent vibration damping.